This Magical Remedy of Egg Will Make Hair Thick

byNeha Adhikari
31st January 2023

It would not be wrong to say that hair looks beautiful only when it is thick. The hairstyle also suits well in thick hair, but has your hair also become thinner due to the side effects of expensive treatments? Don't be discouraged, you can make hair thick with the help of eggs. Do you want to know how then read this article till the end?

Why egg?

Protein is found in eggs. Our hair is also made of protein. That's why an egg is considered beneficial for hair.

Which part of the egg is correct?

The yellow part of the egg is nutritious. Fat is found in it. Whereas the white part has bacterial properties. Scalp remains clean by its use.

Which part will be right according to the hair

Both parts of the egg can be used for normal hair. On the other hand, egg white is beneficial for oily hair. Use yolk for dry and lifeless hair.

recipe for thick hair

Take out 2 egg yolks in a bowl. Whisk it well. Your recipe for thick hair is ready.

How to use?

Now apply the yolk on the scalp and leave it. After about half an hour wash the hair with warm water. If you apply egg to your hair like this 2 times a week, then your hair will start getting thicker.

benefits of laying eggs

If your hair is dry, then you should use a mask made of eggs. Egg reduces dryness of hair.

make hair strong

Protein is found in eggs. Protein makes our hair strong. That's why you should apply eggs to your hair for strong hair.

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