Goa Secret Beach| Goa Hidden Beaches

byMamta Lodha
31st January 2023

People visiting Goa often stay near some of the famous beaches of North Goa. But they should also know about a hidden beach in Goa.

Kala Beach

Kalacha Beach is one of the best and most interesting places in North Goa.

Betalbatim Beach

This beach is definitely best for lovers. This beach is also known for the best view of the sunset.

hollant beach

If you are an early morning person, then do stop by Hollant Beach once.


This spectacular view of Goa is perfect for natural beauty.

Kakolem Beach

Kakolem Beach is also known as Tiger Beach. This place is perfect for those looking for romantic places in Goa.

Butterfly Beach

The Butterfly Beaches in Goa hold a special place in the hearts of offbeat travelers.

Galjibag Beach

Galjibag beach is included as the best beach in Goa. It adds to the beauty of Goa.

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