Why Hasn't Tabu Married Yet? Tabu Love Story

byNeha Adhikari
31st January 2023

Where it comes to the most talented actresses of the film industry, Tabu's name is definitely taken. Today we are going to tell you about Tabu's love life.

Tabu's love life

Tabu's love life started with her first Hindi film. This film was 'Prem' which was produced by Boney Kapoor. Sanjay Kapoor and Tabu were in the lead roles in this film.

Sanjay Kapoor and Tabu's friendship

While working in the film, Tabu, and Sanjay Kapoor's relationship gradually became very special. During the shooting, both came very close to each other.

Why did the distance come between the two

Tabu and Sanjay never accepted their relationship. Some people believe that these two were so attached to each other that they did not even want to meet each other after the breakup and that is the reason why the film 'Prem' took 8 years to make.

Sajid Nadiadwala and Tabu

After the death of Divya Bharti, Tabu came close to film producer Sajid Nadiadwala. Sajid and Tabu's relationship started with friendship and after that, it progressed.

10 year affair

Akkineni Nagarjuna was the third person to enter Tabu's life. Being the superstar of the South, his life always remained a topic of discussion. Nagarjuna was already married when Tabu and Nagarjuna came together.

Relationship lasted for 10 years

Separation after being in a relationship for 10 years was very painful for Tabu. Like many popular Bollywood love stories, Tabu and Nagarjuna's love story also had a sad ending.

why not marry

Despite many relationships, Tabu's relationship could not be successful, due to which she decided to remain single. Tabu is 52 years old and single.

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