World's Famous Strange Tea. Types of Tea

byRitika Sen
31st January 2023

Everyone is fond of drinking tea and in our country tea is no less than an intoxicant. Tea when guests come, tea if you are feeling hungry, tea if you are not able to sleep, and tea after waking up in the morning, people take a sip of tea before eating food. In such a situation, you can definitely try these varieties.

Panda-Dung Tea

You may find the name of tea strange, but Panda-Dung tea is the most expensive tea in the world. It is said that panda bear dung is used as fertilizer in this tea cultivation. Panda-dung tea was first cultivated by An Yanshi, an entrepreneur in southwest China.

Russian Brick Tea

Bricked tea is made in Russia, in which black tea dust is compressed into rock-hard tablets. People eat it with great enthusiasm. Whenever people want a cup of tea, they have to put a corner into their cup and pour boiling water over it.

Yellow Gold Tea Buds

This tea comes from Singapore, named Yellow Gold Tea Buds. The leaves of this tea shine golden like gold. The special thing is that during its cultivation its leaves are cut only once a year.

Silver Tips Imperial Tea

This tea is very expensive, and is produced only in India. It is said that the leaves of this tea are plucked from the plant only on the full moon night. Its taste is also very unique, which is called again and again after drinking it once.

butter tea

Butter tea, also known as Gur Gur Chai or Noon Chai. This tea is mostly consumed in Ladakh and Sikkim. Please tell us that the taste of this tea is completely different from our daily tea. It is traditionally prepared with tea leaves, butter made from cow's milk, water, and salt.

Eucalyptus Tea

Eucalyptus tea, which is also commonly known as Blue Mountain tea. Its origin is more in the southern part of the Western Ghats. This is a tea that has a very strong aroma. Its color is also deep and the taste is such that people will definitely drink it again after drinking it once.

blue tea

The flavor of blue tea is very good, which is very much liked in Thailand. This tea is made from dried butterfly pea flowers. Although the tea recipe is flavored by adding lemon, leaves, and water, milk is not used in it.

cheese tea

You must have eaten cheese in pizza, but have used cheese tea. If not, then definitely try it once because it tastes very good, and is made from milk.

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