Does Touching Pickle During Periods Make It Bad?

byRitika Sen
31st January 2023

Are you also prohibited from touching pickles during periods? because if you touch the pickle

reason not to touch pickle

In earlier times, women used to use cloth during periods, which get dirty quickly. If the woman touched the pickle after touching the dirty cloth, it would get spoiled.

uncleanliness is the reason

We all know that food gets spoiled due to dirt. The same happens in periods as well. Let's say you changed a pad, but didn't wash your hands afterward. Now when you touch the pickle with these dirty hands, it may get spoiled.

Myths related to periods

It is believed that washing hair on the first day of periods affects the blood flow, but there is nothing like that. This is just one myth related to periods.

women cannot worship

It is believed in India that women should not worship on these days. Also cannot go to the temple during periods.

can't touch tulsi plant

Women are prohibited from touching the Tulsi plant during periods. It is believed that touching a Tulsi plant during menstruation dries it up.

shouldn't do sports

Girls are also prevented from playing sports when they are menstruating. It is true that there is a pain in periods, but it has nothing to do with playing.

forbidden to cut hair

Women are not allowed to get haircuts when they have periods. However, no scientific reason exists as to why it is said to be so.

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