Why Didn't the Mughals Marry Their Daughters?

byMamta Lodha
31st January 2023

Today we will let you know about the interesting facts related to the marriage of Mughal princesses. Because it is said that the Mughal emperors did not marry their daughters, but did it really happen? Let us first know the history of Mughal.

mughal history

India was ruled by the Mughals from about 1526 to 1707, which was established by Babur after defeating Ibrahim Lodi in the first battle of Panipat. After this, many brave emperors worked to increase the rule of the Mughal Empire.

Did the princess really not get married?

Many people think that the marriage of Mughal princesses (daughters, granddaughters, great-granddaughters etc.) was banned and Akbar was responsible for this, but it is not so. However, there is a difference of opinion among historians regarding this.

Can't find mention

Akbarnama, Jahangirnama, Shahjahannama or Aurangzeb's royal court chronicles never mention Akbar or any emperor banning Mughal princess marriages.

this custom of prevailing

Mughal queens used to get married, but one practice was quite prevalent. Mughals marry only their close relatives. However, the exact reason for this is not mentioned, but it is said that the emperor wanted to give power to someone close to him. That's why she used to get her daughters married to her relatives only.

Which emperor married among relatives

Akbar married Ruqaiya and Salima to his cousin, not an outside princess before. All of Akbar's daughters were married to relatives except Aram Banu Begum. Jahangir himself had his first three marriages with his Rajput cousin Manvati.

reason for marrying relatives

The Mughals did not want their sons-in-law to compete for the Mughal throne. That's why they used to marry the children of brothers and sisters. So even if the son-in-law becomes the emperor, he will be a blood relative of the emperor.

Many times the Mughal queens did not marry according to their wish and lived in the palace. Hope you have liked this information.

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