Why It is Necessary to Take Calcium After Menopause, Know

byPriya Roy Karmakar
31st January 2023

In menopause, women have to deal with many problems. The chances of getting osteoporosis increase manifold after menopause. Calcium intake is less during this time. Due to this many more problems can arise. Come, let us know from Dr. Ritu Puri, Dietician, ESIC Hospital, Central Government Hospital, why it is necessary to take calcium after menopause -

risk of osteoporosis

The risk of osteoporosis increases after menopause. Therefore, to reduce the risk of osteoporosis, a diet rich in calcium should be taken.

bone problems

After menopause, 10 percent of the weight of women's bones is reduced. This can cause fractures and problems related to bones.

production of estrogen

After menopause, the production of estrogen hormones in the body decreases. This also reduces the body's ability to retain calcium. Hence, it is advised to take it.

Take plenty of Vitamin-D too

Vitamin D should also be taken in good quantity to increase the absorption of calcium in the body after menopause. Absorption of calcium in the Vitamin-D body is good.

Include this in Vitamin-D

Apart from sunlight, you can make mushrooms, eggs, non-veg etc. a part of your diet in the sources of Vitamin-D. This will benefit you.

how much calcium to take

Women should take 1000mg of calcium from dietary sources daily. At the same time, during menopause, 1200 mg of calcium should be taken daily.

calcium rich food

You can include calcium-rich food like skimmed or toned milk, low-fat curd or paneer, low sodium cheese, green leafy vegetables, chickpeas, kidney beans, etc.

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