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What is the Difference Between Rai and Mustard? Also Learn How to Use

Posted by: Mamta LodhaDate: 11th January 2023 14:01 IST
Difference Between Rai and Mustard

Whenever we go to cook, it is a big task to identify all the spices kept in the kitchen. We do not understand where the black pepper, nutmeg, mustard seeds, mustard seeds, and garam masala are kept and what it looks like. Although we can easily use basic spices, there is always confusion about some things and there is a problem in buying them, such as mustard seeds and mustard seeds.

Yes, these seeds are such that their names are different, but if these two are kept in front of us for tempering, there would hardly be anyone who would be able to easily know the difference between the two. Although mustard seeds and mustard seeds look similar, they are used in different ways. If you also do not know the difference between the two, then you must read this article.

First know about mustard and mustard seeds

Mustard seeds

There are two types of mustard commonly used in India. First black mustard, which we also call mustard, and second yellow mustard, which is also called mustard seeds. Generally, whole black mustard seeds are used to temper lentils, vegetables, and Indian vegetarian dishes. The same yellow mustard is used in vegetables, which is used in the form of oil.

There is a lot of difference in growing the seed

Types of mustard

Both these seeds are obtained from the mustard plant, but there is a great difference in the process of sowing both - there are about 40 varieties used to make mustard seeds. The same mustard seeds can be grown very easily. However, it is part of a rabi crop whose soil is well-selected.

There is a considerable difference in color and texture of the two

How to make mustard seeds

The difference between mustard and mustard is that mustard is black in color while the latter is yellow in color. Both of these are mustard seeds obtained from the mustard plant which is a cruciferous vegetable related to broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage. (Use these things to bring sourness in pickles)

However, mustard is also known as black mustard or Brassica nigra. It is a round hard seed, the color of which varies from dark brown to black. It is smaller and sharper than the white variety of mustard. It is mainly used as a food flavoring and in powder form.

Brassica hirta or yellow mustard is the scientific name for the seed. It is round and a bit hard. This seed is first processed so that its skin is removed for commercial use, but it has preservative properties.

How to use?

You can use mustard and mustard seeds in food. However, they can be used to temper food, or put in pickles. Mustard seeds are specially used in South Indian food.

Hope you have understood the difference between the two and if even after this you do not know the difference then you can taste it.

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