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Do You Know the Difference Between Sev and Bhujia?

Posted by: Ritika SenDate: 30th January 2023 14:01 IST
Do You Know the Difference Between Sev and Bhujia?

Snacks are very popular in India and different types of snacks are available in almost every province. Among these are Sev and Bhujia which are famous almost all over North and Central India. They are eaten in different ways and are highly preferred when it comes to tea-time snacks. I am from Madhya Pradesh and in Madhya Pradesh sev is eaten along with food. But the problem arises when people are unable to differentiate between Bhujia and Sev.

Look, Madhya Pradesh people can be a bit touchy in terms of food and drink and therefore it is necessary that I say something in this matter. Let me tell you the difference between Bhujia and Sev today, which many people might not know.

Take any big namkeen brand, and you will get a separate packet of Bhujia and a separate packet of Sev. The reason behind this is that there is a lot of difference between Bhujia and Sev. So let's talk about it in detail.

Not every Sev can be Bhujia

First of all, let me tell you that there is only one type of sev, but not every sev can be bhujia. It cannot even be a mixture. There are different types of sev like thick sev, thin sev, clove sev, palak sev, besan sev etc. We will consider Bhujia as one type only.

sev meaning

Which state did Sev come from and where did Bhujia come from?

Sev can be considered as the snack of Madhya Pradesh. Although, its history cannot be told, but its practice has started from Madhya Pradesh itself. Bhujia is Rajasthani and yes, the history of Bikaneri Bhujia can be traced back to 1877 when Maharaja Shree Dungar Singh made the first batch of Bhujia in Bikaner. That's why the name Bikaneri Bhujia also became famous. Bhujia has always been from Rajasthan and the credit for different varieties of sev goes to Madhya Pradesh.

Size difference

Aloo Bhujia comes in the same size, but when it comes to sev, different types of sev have different textures. You will find thick sev, thin sev and different varieties of sev in almost every part of India. Bhujia is called medium-sized thin sev which does not have much pungency. ()

sev vs bhujia

Difference in the way to make

Now comes the most basic difference. Sev is made from gram flour in which a lot of spices are added. Bhujia is not necessary that it can be made from gram flour only, it can also be made by mixing lentil flour and gram flour and some other variations will also be found in it. To make both, they are deep fried and many spices are added to both. However, the spiciness of Bhujia is not much and sev can be made both spicy and bland.

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Sev or Bhujia, which is healthier?

The simple answer is, neither. Both sev and bhujia are deep-fried and have absolutely no nutritional value, hence both are not considered healthy. Yes, both of these are good to eat as an occasional snack, but not other than that. The amount of salt and spices are also high in both and calories are also high in both, so they are not considered healthy.