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Keep These 5 Things In Mind While Buying Cashew

Posted by: Neha AdhikariDate: 25th December 2022 11:12 IST
Cashew Nuts | Cashew Buying Tips

Dry fruits should not be eaten in the winter season, can it happen? From morning to evening, we consume dry fruits in one form or the other, like sometimes we eat laddoos made of dry fruits, and sometimes we like to roast dry fruits. If you are also looking for an easy breakfast to stay healthy, then you can also eat dry fruits, especially include cashews.

This is because cashew helps in weight loss, keeping the heart healthy and boosting immunity. But whenever we go to buy cashews, many questions come to our mind- How can we buy good quality cashews? How to know what kind of cashew is it or is it fresh? These are very common questions, which must surely be coming into your mind as well.

In such a situation, let us know how to identify cashew. How to check the quality of cashew nuts while buying from your local market? For this, we do not have to do anything, just follow the steps given below. Although it is not easy to identify good cashews, if some things are kept in mind, then we can avoid buying bad cashews.

Pay attention to the quality of cashew


Very few people will know that the quality of cashew is of many types, in which many types of cashew are found like- white cashew, sweet cashew, whole cashew, jumbo cashew etc. Apart from this, there are many types of cashews in terms of texture, such as round cashews, half-chopped cashews, etc. So buy cashew nuts on the basis of quality and price.

Cashew size

Before buying cashew, you should also pay attention to their size because cashew of every size is available in the market. It is better to buy big and whole and jumbo cashews as they taste very good. On the other hand, if you are buying cashews only for garnishing, then you can buy cashews of small sizes.

Cashew color

How to purchase good quality cashew

Cashews can vary in color depending on whether they are roasted or not. But we can find out the quality on the basis of its colour. Cashews that are more golden brown in color are often said to be tastier than cashews that appear pale, and whitish-yellow.

Also, dark brown cashew nuts are roasted in fatty oil. That's why we should avoid buying dark-colored cashews.

Buy Fresh Cashews

While buying cashews, it is most important that they are fresh. If the smell is coming from the cashews, then understand that they are old. Keep in mind that you always buy packed cashews. Packed cashew nuts are packed in such a way that they remain fresh for a long time and do not spoil.

If you buy cashews in bulk, then improve your habit and buy cashews with the smallest packing only. If you eat cashews every day, then only you should buy a bigger packet.

How to keep cashew nuts fresh

How to buy good quality cashew

To keep cashews fresh for a long time, keep them inside an airtight container. Actually, when the packing of cashew nuts is opened, the fear of their sealing also increases. That's why keep them inside a box that doesn't get air.

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