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Tips and Tricks to Buy Good Walnuts from the Market

Posted by: Priya Roy KarmakarDate: 4th January 2023 9:01 IST
Walnuts Buying Tips | How to Store Walnuts

In the winter season, we include some such food items in our diet, which are beneficial as well as giving warmth to the body. Walnut is also such a dry fruit, which works to provide many benefits to health in the winter season. On the other hand, if you feel very cold, then walnuts are the best for you to warm your body.

That's because walnuts contain omega-3s. It is beneficial in diabetes as well as it also removes constipation. Not only this but the amount of cholesterol in the body is also controlled by the regular consumption of walnuts. That's why walnuts are no less than a boon for heart health. Bones also remain strong by consuming walnuts.

But we get all these benefits only when the quality of walnut is good. Although, it is very difficult to buy perfect walnuts from the market, if some things are kept in mind, then surely we can avoid buying bad walnuts.

Pay attention to the size of the nut

Walnuts Buying Tips

Many types of walnuts are available in the market, which looks almost the same. But its quality can be ascertained on the basis of its size. It is said that large and thick walnuts are very tasty, which are weighty walnuts. On the other hand, if you are buying kernels, then avoid buying black and small ones.

Buy by color

If you are buying walnut kernels, go for white and light brown ones as they taste better. Also, the kernel should not be wrinkled and whole. If you are buying an in-shell small nut, then check by shaking and avoid buying if there is sound coming from inside. At the same time, walnuts should not be mouldy or stained. Its color should be smooth and golden.

Best quality of walnuts

how to buy perfect walnuts

Let us tell you that the best quality walnuts are found in Kashmir. He is known as Wilson. Its weight is less and there are stripes on the peel. This nut comes very expensive and is very beneficial and tasty.

By the way, you will find many varieties of Kashmiri walnuts in the market. If you are unable to buy Wilson almonds, you can buy Kashmiri walnuts. You will get this variety of walnuts in the market for 800 to 1500 rupees per kg.

Take care of these things also

  • Never eat peeled walnuts. When air enters the walnuts, they get sealed and lose their flavour and crispness.
  • The nut should not have any holes or cracks.
  • Before buying walnuts, try to pick them up in your hands and do not buy walnuts with low weight.
  • Let us tell you that if walnuts are not stored properly, they get weevilled, which makes the walnut hollow from inside.

Store like this

how to pick perfect walnuts

To keep walnuts fresh for a long time, keep them in an airtight container. Actually, when the packing of walnuts is opened, the fear of their sealing also increases. That's why keep them inside such a box that does not get air.

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