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Dhaba Style Aloo Gobi Ki Sabzi Recipe

Posted by: Mamta LodhaDate: 31st January 2023 11:01 IST
Note Down the Secret Recipe for Making Dhaba Style Aloo Gobhi Ki Sabzi. Dhaba Style Masala Aloo Gobhi Recipe

Aloo gobi ki sabzi is made in every household because its combination with paratha tastes great. Many people are so crazy that they go out and order aloo gobhi. That's why potato cabbage curry is necessarily included in the menu of every wedding or every big restaurant.

However, the taste of the vegetable varies from place to place. But the taste of dhaba's potato and cabbage vegetables is different and don't know why this taste is not available in the homemade vegetable. If you want your vegetable to be made exactly like outside, then definitely try our mentioned recipe.

Yes, because today in 'Recipe of the Day' we have come up with an easy recipe for making Masala Gobi, which you can make for lunch. So what is the delay, let us know….

How to make

  • To make cabbage curry, first remove all the stalks and wash them, cut into small pieces. Also, peel, wash, and cut the potatoes.
  • Now chop all the ingredients like tomato, ginger, and green chilies as well. If you want to make masala gravy ki sabzi, you can also make a paste of it.
  • Now put oil in a pan and heat it well. When the oil is hot, add potatoes and fry them lightly and then reduce the gas.
  • Now fry cauliflower in the same oil and when it turns light brown, take it out on a plate. Now in this oil, we will apply tadka.
  • For this add cumin and asafoetida to the oil. After roasting cumin, add chopped ginger, turmeric powder, coriander powder, green chilies, coarsely ground garam masala, and kasoori methi and fry it.
  • Then add tomatoes, ginger, green chilies and red chili powder and let it cook for 10 minutes. Otherwise, cook till the oil starts floating on top of the spices.
  • After roasting the spices add ½ cup of water, salt and keep it covered. When the cabbage is cooked, turn off the gas.
  • That's it, hot Masala Aloo Gobi is ready, which you can serve with paratha.

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