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Oil Will Not Fill in Puri If You Keep These Things in Mind While Frying

Posted by: Neha AdhikariDate: 31st January 2023 11:01 IST
Oil Will Not Fill in Puri If You Keep These Things in Mind While Frying. Things to Keep in Mind While Frying Puri

Whole vegetable, chickpeas, chutney, pickle, or tea goes well with everyone. From children to elders, everyone relishes poori with great gusto. That's why poori is made and eaten in different ways in every state. Don't know how many names are there for Puri in many places, whose taste is also very different. Halwa Puri is also traditionally made in the morning for breakfast in many Indian homes.

But the problem is that many times, even after making the poori in the right way, it does not rise well. Also, the taste doesn't seem to be anything special. Actually, not only while making poori but also while frying, we should keep some things in mind.

By doing this your poori becomes absolutely perfect. So much so that everyone will praise you after eating puri. Let us know about some hacks to fry puri.

Pay attention to oil temperature

how to fry puri at home

It is also very important to pay attention to the temperature of the oil for frying pooris. Try that the oil is neither too hot nor too cold because on a low flame, the oil gets filled in the poori. On the other hand, if you fry poori in very hot oil, then your poori will turn black from above but will remain raw from the inside.

That's why always heat the oil properly while frying poori and then fry poori on medium flame.

What to do if you observe low oil

If your pooris always get filled with oil, then this problem can be solved by adopting some methods. Yes, for this you have to pay attention to the flour. We have to avoid kneading the dough too tight or too loose.

Also, before using the dough keep it in the fridge for about 15 minutes and then prepare the poori for frying.

Do this work

How to fry puri in lessoil

Our tip is that whenever you fry pooris, add a little salt to the oil. Yes, this tip can be very useful for you. It is said that by adding salt, the pooris absorb less oil inside and also get fried well from inside.

But don't add too much salt to the oil because excess salt will not only burn but also make your puri saltier. You can use one to two teaspoons of salt.

Now you will not use much oil while making Kauda, ​​just follow these tips of Pankaj Bhadoria

What to do to make poori crispy

East tips to make perfect puri

Till now we were telling you how to fry poori, but now we are sharing the hack to make poori crispy. For this, you should use semolina in the flour because semolina makes your puri crispy.

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