How to Straighten Hair with Honey?

Posted by: Mamta LodhaDate: 30th January 2023 14:01 IST
How to Straighten Hair with Honey? Hair Can Be Straight, Use Honey This Way

Nowadays the craze for straight hair has increased immensely among women. However, this treatment costs a lot of money. Do you know that natural things are very effective for straightening hair? You can straighten hair with the help of honey. Do you want to know how then definitely read this article till the end?

Use honey

how to straighten hair with honeyOur hair is made of protein and milk is rich in protein. In such a situation, milk is beneficial for the body as well as the hair. Fat is also found in milk which helps in making the hair soft and smooth. Honey works to moisturize the hair. Also brings shine to your hair.

What is required

  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 2-3 tbsp milk
  • spray bottle

What to do?

  • Mix two-three spoons of milk with one spoon of honey in a spray bottle.
  • Shake the bottle well so that the two ingredients mix well.
  • Your recipe for straight hair is ready.

How to use?

how to use honey on hair

wash hair

To use this paste, you must first wash your hair. Keep in mind that shampoo is not to be used to wash the hair. Wash hair with normal water only.

Dry hair

Now you have to blow dry your hair. For this, keep a towel in the hair. Blot and dry the hair after some time. Do not use a hair dryer even by mistake.

Apply a paste made of honey

Now you have to apply this paste made of honey in your hair. Spray on hair. Not only from top to top, but you also have to apply it in the roots too. Your hair should be thoroughly soaked with this paste.

Massage the hair

Now you have to massage your hair with light hands. With this, this paste will be easily applied throughout the hair and your hair will also get complete nutrition. Leave the honey in the hair for about half an hour and cover it with a cap. Leave the cap on your hair until it dries. ()

Do hair wash again

Now that your hair is dry, it is time to wash it. Use non-sulfate mild shampoo to wash hair. Wash hair thoroughly. Otherwise, the smell of milk may remain in the hair. Do not forget to condition the hair after shampooing. Now let your hair air dry and then see that your hair has become straight.

Benefits of applying honey to hair

benefits of using honey on hair

  • If the scalp remains dirty, it leads to infection. That is why it is said that the scalp should be kept clean. Anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties are found in honey, due to which prevents the growth of bacteria.
  • If you have extremely frizzy hair, you can reduce this problem with honey.
  • If the hair is not shiny then it does not even look good. Due to wrong shampoos and heating tools, the shine of the hair starts decreasing. In such a situation, you should apply honey to your hair. By using this your hair will start getting shiny.

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