Apply This Type of Mehndi Design on Feet

Posted by: Ritika SenDate: 31st January 2023 10:01 IST
Apply These Types of Mehndi Designs on Feet. Mehndi Designs for Feet

In India it is customary to apply henna on every small and big festival. Mehndi not only beautifies the hands but also has much religious significance attached to it. The craze of mehndi has increased so much that sometimes even without any occasion, mehndi is drawn on the hands.

Henna is applied not only on the hands but also on the feet. Although Mehndi is mostly applied on the feet of married women, now the times have changed. Now unmarried girls also like to apply henna on their feet on special occasions.

Do you also keep searching for different mehndi designs online? Even then you did not get any special design, then do not be disappointed, today we have brought very beautiful mehndi designs for you, which you too can easily apply on your feet. Let's have a look at these beautiful mehndi designs.

Beliefs related to henna

A belief associated with mehndi is that its color signifies love. The dark color of mehndi means that the love between the couple is immense. Along with this, Mehndi is also included in Solah Shringar. That's why women always apply henna on special occasions.

Cycle design

chakra mehndi design Do you also not pay much attention while choosing mehndi design for feet? You shouldn't do this. There is more than one design in mehndi for feet too, you just have to do a little hard work. Come on, we have made your job easy.

If you do not want to apply mehndi to the entire leg, then try the chakra design. In this, you only have to make a circle in the middle of the foot and then complete the design with a dot-dot. Draw the design on the finger as well. If the color of your feet is fair then apply dark color nail paint and then see how beautiful your feet will look.

Jal Mehndi Design

jaal mehndi designsDo you like mehndi Do you have a great interest in getting it installed? That's why you don't miss any chance to get henna applied. What to do Mehndi looks so beautiful on the feet. Are you looking for some of the best mehndi designs for your feet? So this time you should try something different.

Lines are made in the mesh mehndi design. If you want your full leg to be covered then you should apply jail mehndi design. This design is not too stuffy. This will make your feet look simple as well as attractive.

Bell Mehndi Design

bel mehndi design Do you also think that it is applied only on the hand? It's not like this. This design looks great on the feet too. Most of the flower designs are made on the vine. You can also bring many variations to this like making a bell in the middle finger.

Take care of these things

  • You can use sugar-tea leaf water on your feet to make the color of your mehndi rich.
  • Keep in mind that the funnel of henna is cut correctly. Otherwise, the design may deteriorate.
  • Don't forget to oil your feet before applying henna. This will apply to mehndi in a good way.