This Exercise Will Reduce Fat from Hips, the Whole Body Will Come in Shape

Posted by: Neha AdhikariDate: 30th January 2023 14:01 IST
This Exercise Will Reduce Fat from Hips Fast, the Whole Body Will Come in Shape. 3 Hip Exercises for Ladies

Looking at the figure of Bollywood actresses, we also think that we wish we had the same figure! Everyone wants that their hips look round rather than flat because flat hips look bad in jeans, trousers, etc. That's why we don't do anything to bring the hips in shape....but many times the weight increases and our figure starts to look unkempt.

In such a situation, there is a need to exercise to shape your hips. If you do exercises that target the right muscles, it is possible that your hips will get round and in shape. Regarding this topic, expert Dr. Hitesh Khurana says that to build the outer hip muscles, those exercises should be done in which your legs move from the center line.

Let us tell you that Dr. Hitesh Khurana is a chiropractic, ergonomic expert and senior physiotherapist. According to experts, there are some exercises that can bring the hips in shape.

Basic hip lift

Basic hips yoga

The Basic Hip Lift Exercise is very useful for us to get the hips in shape. To do this, you just have to follow the tips mentioned below.

How to do it?

  • To do this exercise, lie on your back on the ground and place your hands on the mat.
  • Your legs should be half bent.
  • This exercise activates the muscles of your hips.
  • You don't feel the strain on your hips.
  • From the upper body, lift the hips keeping only the shoulders, hands and head on the ground.
  • Do 15 sets, doing it 20 times in each set.
These 4 bridge exercises help you get rid of belly fat and hips

Glute bridge

gluate exercises

This exercise works your glutes, hip muscles, and lower back muscle strengthening. It is very important to do it in the right way, which has to be followed by the steps given below.

How to do it?

  • First of all, lie down straight on the waist.
  • Then bring your hands to the resting position at your sides.
  • Now bend your legs and slowly move upwards.
  • You want to pull your abs up and engage the core.
  • Just keep your shoulders straight.
  • After 15 seconds come back to the previous position.

Heels touch exercise

hills touch exercises

If you have excess fat around your hips, you can do heels touch exercise. It is said that this exercise not only works to shape your hips but will also work to stretch the body.

How to do it?

  • First of all, lie down straight.
  • Bring your knees up on your feet.
  • After that lift your neck slightly.
  • Try to touch your ankles with both your hands.
  • You do this slowly about 20 times.
  • Surely you will be benefited in some day.

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