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Shark Tank Judge Vinita Singh Left A Job Worth Rs 1 Crore to Set Up A Company Like This

Posted by: Mamta LodhaDate: 27th January 2023 10:01 IST
Shark Tank Judge Vinita Singh Left A Job Worth Rs 1 Crore and Set Up A Company. Know All About Vineeta Singh

Vineeta Singh Biography:With the start of the new season of Shark Tank, discussions are happening all around. Some are talking about the contestants coming on the show, while others are talking about the judges. Vinita Singh's name is also included in the list of all the judges of Shark Tank. From where did Vinita Singh study, why did she take a small job and how did she set up her own business, we are going to answer all these questions in this article.

Vineeta Singh Education

vineeta singh

According to the information given on Vinita Singh's LinkedIn, she has studied in Delhi, RK Puram School. On the other hand, if we talk about graduation, then he has done B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. After BTech, Vinita has done MBA from IIM Ahmedabad.

Why not the job

Vineeta Singh, who has made it to the page of The Week, got a job with a package of 1 crore while studying at IIM Ahmedabad. Getting a job worth 1 crore at the age of 23 is a big deal in itself which Vineeta refused.

At that time it was not easy for anyone to digest this thing but Vineeta took the decision. This is the reason why today they have their own company which is giving them very good returns. Vineeta is earning well from the show as well.

set up own company

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Vineeta Singh faced many difficulties in the way of business but she continued her way. Due to continuous research, he stepped into the cosmetic field understanding the need for quality. Started a company named Sugar with the help of money and funds and took the company from floor to floor. Today 1500 people are working in the sugar company, mostly women.

So this was all the information related to Vineeta Singh. Apart from this, if you want to know about any other businesswoman, then definitely write in this article.